rock glass leather sleeve

Rocks Glasses with leather sleeves!!

We are constantly trying to think of new, awesome ways to use leather, metal, and wood.Lots of our rock glass leather sleevethinking power goes into brainstorming things that have not yet been (over)done. Oowee has been on the brink of creating rocks glasses for many months now and the idea is finally maturing into a leather sleeve that can hold a finely aged scotch or whisky (or whatever your choice beverage is).

Most recently, we have been working with graphic designer, Chris Hayden, to create some custom, upscale, rocks glass sleeves for Blue Ridge Distilling Company.

Now, being a whisky drinker, I have to say I am thrilled to have this product on the horizon! It’s the perfect complement to the earthy beverages from distilleries. I love the idea of this high-end accouterment to protect my hands from the delectable iced beverage. Makers on the rocks, please!!

They are also going to come in gift packs that will be the perfect present for the holidays. (I know what I’m getting my brothers and sister for holiday gifts!) Stay tuned for the launch of the gift sets!