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Father’s Day

Dad Pint, leather pint koozieFather’s Day is just around the corner! I have to admit, I think that mothers and fathers should be celebrated many-a-day and not just on a single designated day. That being said, I was just honored for Mother’s Day and I thoroughly enjoyed the love!

Here’s a little history about Father’s Day:

The day came about in 1910 by daughter, Sonora, who thought that father’s should have a day to be honored as well as mothers. Sonora’s father raised six children as a single parent and she wanted to show her appreciation. Thanks to her efforts, we now know the 3rd Sunday in June to be a nationally recognized day to celebrate fathers!

Oowee Products has been working toward giving you more options to honor your husbands, fathers or baby daddies with unique leather koozies! We know he loves craft beer and could dig a cool new koozie that gives him a special shout out! Check out our ready made section to order, or create your own through the custom section!

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Defiant groupOowee adds Whisky!!

Oowee Products is excited to be working with Defiant! For those of you that don’t know Defiant, it is a deliciousAmerican Single Malt Whisky of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Distilling Co. It’s crafted from 100% two row barley. In order to create the flavorsDefiant utilizes oak spirals into the barrels.Their water is so pure and perfect for whisky making. Theydraw the water from deep under the distillery. This pure water aids in the creation of atruly exquisite single malt whisky to pour into your hi-ball glass.

The owner, Tim, is a down to earth guy who is following his dream of building a distillery on his family’s land. Before Blue Ridge Distilling Co.,Tim pursued a career in commercial diving and salvage.

We have been working with Tim and designer, Chris Hayden, to create some pretty uniquerocks at walk smpackaging for the Defiant bottle (see above photo) and a custom hi-ball glass. These sleeves are going to be created for an exclusive, special packaging, holiday run. Oowee Products is super excited about it!

We are also revving up for custom holiday hi-ball sleeves. I was just drinking our of mine last night and think everyone who loves a drink in the evening needs one this winter.




rock glass leather sleeve

Rocks Glasses with leather sleeves!!

We are constantly trying to think of new, awesome ways to use leather, metal, and wood.Lots of our rock glass leather sleevethinking power goes into brainstorming things that have not yet been (over)done. Oowee has been on the brink of creating rocks glasses for many months now and the idea is finally maturing into a leather sleeve that can hold a finely aged scotch or whisky (or whatever your choice beverage is).

Most recently, we have been working with graphic designer, Chris Hayden, to create some custom, upscale, rocks glass sleeves for Blue Ridge Distilling Company.

Now, being a whisky drinker, I have to say I am thrilled to have this product on the horizon! It’s the perfect complement to the earthy beverages from distilleries. I love the idea of this high-end accouterment to protect my hands from the delectable iced beverage. Makers on the rocks, please!!

They are also going to come in gift packs that will be the perfect present for the holidays. (I know what I’m getting my brothers and sister for holiday gifts!) Stay tuned for the launch of the gift sets!