Altamont tap handle

Tap Handles

Leather | Wood | Metaltap handle

We’ve been thinking about this for a while and now it’s finally coming to fruition… Oowee Products is now designing and constructing tap handles! We have our 1st order for the Altamont Brewery just about ready to deliver. Gordon from the Altamont has been great to work with. He brought his ideas to the project as well to create a tap handle pipe. It’s definitely a novelty!

tapsOur tap handles are made of wood and metal. They are unique and sturdy and created with custom designs. We have the ability to include color and/or leather.


We are brainstorming new shapes for different taps. We’re looking forward to creating tap handles for the local breweries and our trust clients around the U.S.

This is going to be a fun new product line for us!!

Altamont tap handle


here’s ….

the finished product! We will be making more to show case local breweries soon. Stay tuned for more to come!