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Rogue Brewing located in Newport, Oregon. There are two locations in Newport one on each side of the Yaquina Bay on the Oregon coast. Rogue is one the state’s oldest and most well known breweries, established in 1988. The brewery was original started in a basement in Ashland, Oregon and then moved up to a garage in Newport now know as the Rogue public house locate on the north side of the Yaquina River Bay. There is also production brewery directly across the bay. We first visited the production Brewery on the south side of the river where we meet with Brad, who was a supper nice guy, and enjoyed a few of Rogue’s delicious brews. They have a whoppin’ 40 BEERS ON TAP! Brad and I agreed that Oowee leather pint sleeves and leather beer huggers would be a great fit for the brewery. While I enjoyed all the beers I drank at Rogue the Beard Beer was one of my favorites. This beer was made from wide yeast found in the brewer’s beard. After a few beers with Brad we headed over to the Public house to eat some lunch with friends and taste some more beers. We ended up hanging out with Sawyer Mizer who is the Caption of the Mothership according to his business card. The beer, my delicious salmon sandwich and everyone we meet at Rogue were great!



Pelican Pub & Brewery

We headed north up the Oregon Coast to find ourselves at one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. Not only where we looking at an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, big sand dunes, and surfers catching waves, but we were also enjoying all of this from the patio of Pelican Pub & Brewery. I enjoyed the view while drinking a delicious, easy drinking and appropriately named Surfer’s Summer Ale that was on tap as there seasonal.