Handmade in America

Supporting economic development in the ethical way!


It is becoming more and more noticeable that many companies are seeking workers from other countries to produce mass manufactured products that lack in quality.Unfortunately, this is robbing Americans of needed jobs and eventually ends up creating large amounts of disposable material.

Oowee Products is proud to produce our koozies from material that is 1) a renewable resource and 2) is from the heartland of America. We use high quality, all naturalleather from the boot and lace industry.

Partnering with the Autism Society of North Carolina had been an significant aspect of Oowee Products. It has contributed greatly to our handmade koozies. We are very proud of our crew at the ASNC, These individuals do an amazing job and we are lucky to have them as part of our team. Each order of leather koozies are hand stitched and assembled by individuals on the autism spectrum through Blue Ridge Bags and More, a business operated by the ASNC. For more information please visit our Autism Society section on our web-site.

Recently, Oowee Products decided to become a part of HandMade in America.HandMade’s mission isto “grow economies through craft and creative placemaking.” They are anon-profit community and economic development corporation. Their goal is to help handmade crafts become more recognized and, consequently, more supported by communities. HandMade is focused on educating communities about how to best support local crafts. This is an important role in growing a sustainable, thriving economy in Western North Carolina. They are also involved with helping local artists grow their businesses.

So if you want to start contributing to your community in a positive manner, an easy way to start is by making an effort to buy things grown locally and made by local artisans.