rat custom leather pint glass sleeve

The World of McMenamins !

Ahh McMenamins !


McMenamins is known for taking old Historic buildings and saving them from destruction. Most of the locations are restored Historic buildings.

IMG_1137I arrived in the Northwest with very little knowledge of McMenamins and what this company was and their impact on this area of the country. Almost instantly, I was told about the history of Mcmenamins and there many, many locations. I first visited the White Horse location just on the West side of the Willamette river. This is one of Portland’s oldest bars, it has served the dock workers since around the turn of the century. This was a very intimate place with a lot of character.


BIGGIE-RAT_pintI do not know where to start! This is their flag ship location! Edgefield is also known as the The Multnomah County Poor Farm and is a full resort. This location is home to the McMenamins Brewery, Winery, Distillery, and also has two restaurants, a pool hall/bar and a full Hotel and a nine hole golf course. There is a saltwater pool and a full spa on location. They also have large outdoor concerts and music festivals at this location.

We are sooooo excited to be making leather sleeves for McMenamins!!

Laurelwood Brewing/Public House


Stopped by the Laurelwood Public house and brewery to say hello to James and taste a few beers. We went to the Northeast location on Sandy blvd, one of their five locations in Portland. The brewpub had a welcoming feel and great roof top patio with a secret up stairs bar. The roof top was a great place to chillax with friends and enjoy one of their delicious red ales.