SweetWater Brewery


Mixing work and pleasure!Sweetwater Brewery

When I first got AtlantaPhish tickets Istarted thinking about SweetWater and some of the other Atlanta breweries. It was a day full of serendipity when I first e-mailed Doug. He just happened to be in Asheville! I just happened to have the afternoon free and could go meet him at Green Man (a.k.a. Dirty Jacks, The Short Bar). Perfect timing! We had a couple of their tasty libations and chatted about Oowee Products and SweetWater.

Doug dank tankhad seen our awesome leather sleeves and said that he (and SweetWater’s head honcho) really liked them. As we discussed options our creative wheels started turning. We decided that the SweetWater tie-dye logo would look rockin’ on the metal badges we put on the leather sleeves. We got the order rolling and into production.

SweetWater Brewery

Last week, I packed up the car with the colorful, Oowee sleeves and my family and hit the road to Hot-lanta! I decided to make a house call to SweetWater and hand deliver the sleeves. This also gave me a chance to check out the largest brewery in the Southeast. On the afternoon before the Phish show I brought my hubby, sister and brother-in-law to the brewery for some tastings and a tour.It’s a incredible brewery! Doug was a great host! He greeted us and put a pause on his busy day to show us around and make sure we didn’t go thirsty. The space is really well done and it operates like a well oiled machine. I would suggest any beer lover to check it out when they are in Atlanta.