Leather Beverage Sleeves

Oowee Products leather sleeve and other beverage accessories.

Oowee® Products is proud to use only high-quality, all-natural leather for all of our products. All products are made by hand in Asheville, North Carolina. The sleeves are made from 100% cow-hide leather sourced from within the USA. Each sleeve has its own special markings and color. Like snowflakes, no two sleeves are alike.

Oowee® partners with the Autism Society of North Carolina and employs adults on the autism spectrum to manufacture our products.

Oowee® sleeves are stylish, functional, and have a lifetime guarantee.

Oowee Products is your spot for stylish leather beer accessories for serious craft beer enthusiasts. And the most iconic of all beer gear is the “[email protected]@zie”. Our leather beer sleeves take the traditional cozy design and amplify it. Not only does leather keep your beer icy cold – it looks good doing it.

We offer pre-made or custom branded  designs, monograms, and logos or full color metal badges for your beverage insulator.

Oowee leather beer holders are available for the following types of containers:

Pint Glasses

The 16oz shaker pint glass is probably one of the most popular glass choices for craft beer drinkers. They open up the aroma and enhance taste and color, so you can fully experience the tasty goodness of a finely brewed beverage.