Leather Beer Can & Bottle Holders

Customizable Leather Can & Bottle Holders

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.” – Kinky Freidman

We didn’t come up with this quote, we just found a cooler way to deliver it. Check out our lines of handcrafted leather can holders and bottle coolers. Made of 100% American cowhide with a customized design, they’re totally unique and nearly indestructible.

Leather Can Holder

Nothing packs in and packs easier than cans. And nothing keeps the beer cold and your hands dry like our all-leather can sleeves. Versatile as your multi-tool, they fit 12 to 16-oz cans, as well as stubby bottles. Distinctive and durable, they stand up to just about anything. On the slopes, down the river or in the mosh pit? We mean anything!

Longneck Bottle Sleeves

In a perfect world, where beer is the currency of exchange, our handcrafted leather bottle sleeve is the perfect wallet. Made of full-grain leather that’s hand stitched and created for you, it fits any standard 12-oz long neck bottle. Don’t just protect your priceless porter, pilsner or pale ale—show it a little love. Wrap it in leather and keep it cold until you’re ready for your next one.


Your beer is lonely! Go find a cozy leather sleeve to give it a hug.