Leather Pint Glass Sleeves


Beer lovers don’t just drink beer—they live for it. Hop-heads and malt geeks, they’re into IBUs and collect beer labels like baseball cards. They know their stuff. Give them a gift as unique as a pint of rare small batch limited time offer farm ale—a customized, full-grain leather pint sleeve from Oowee.

As long as folks keep mixing water, hops, yeast and barley, Oowee’s all-leather pint sleeve will continue to be our #1 seller—and for good reason. It’s like a parka for your pint, keeping that crisp, cold edge on your beer, down to the last drop. Crafted of full leather and hand-stitched, it fits a standard pint glass or stainless steel tumbler. Fold-flat design for stow-and-go convenience. No pockets, no purse? No problem. Add a leather loop and clip and keep your hugger handy.

Our Classic Double Stitched Pint Sleeve

Oowee Products started life by creating this classic double stitched Pint Sleeve.  This sleeve is meant to fit both standard 16-oz pint glasses as well as shaker pints.  A perfect accessory when bar hoping or brewery exploring.  Keep it safe in your back pocket in-between pubs.  This sleeve is hand stitch by adults on the autistic spectrum.

The Single Stitched Pint Sleeve

Express yourself—Oowee makes it fun and easy with a huge variety of pre-designed logos. Give your pint some personality. You do you and we’ll do the rest.  This single stitch pint sleeve also fits standard pint glasses as well as shaker pints.  Each pint is crafted and handmade in Asheville N.C.  Every sleeve is hand stitched by adults on the autistic spectrum.

Double Stitched Pint Glass with a Handle

This sleeve is a great option to our collection of pint sleeves.  Use this sleeve during the next pub crawl or at your local coffee shop.  Each sleeve is crafted in the USA using 100% genuine leather.  Adults on the autistic spectrum stitch each side of each sleeve after the handle is attached with brass hardware.  Perfect for any 16-oz pint glass.  Cheers!


Don’t let your pint walk around naked!