About Us

The leather pint sleeve is commonly known as a [email protected]@zie (we aren’t suppose to use the actual word because some giant corporation “owns” the word).  Oowee’s leather pint sleeve was born from the love of hand crafted beer and Oowee’s creative ability to transform leather into a something we can use daily.

Oowee Insulator Sleeve Team
Gabriel and Walter Boy at the Oowee Leather Manufacturing Warehouse.

Oowee was founded in 2009 on the simple concept of bringing class, style, and function to the age old tradition of having a cool refreshing pint to round out your day.  Founder, Gabriel Hargett, began the creation of the leather  pint sleeve one day while tinkering with leather in his basement. Our mascot, Walter, kept him company during this brainstorming period.

Walter Loves Beer
Oowee mascot, Walter, taking a sip using our patented pint glass sleeve.

By 2010 things were taking off and the business was growing fast. The year 2011 was a great year for the company. We expanded our market and partnered with the Autism Society of North Carolina. This partnership was a real turning point for Oowee Products, it allowed us to employ adults on the autism spectrum to hand sew each of our leather pint sleeves.
In 2012, this newly formed partnership with the Autism Society of NC allowed us to have the work force that we needed to expand. The leather sleeve production was in full swing! We are growing and expanding, making new products and are having a great time evolving into much more than just a leather sleeve company.

stitch with charts


Oowee uses only high quality all natural leather on all of our products. The majority of our leather comes from the lace and boot industry. We use their left over small pieces, which are just right for our products. This allows us to take advantage of their bi products, and put them to good use. Because we take the time to shuffle through these large lots of leather, sorting them by size and color, our products are very unique. Each one has its own special markings or color, they are like snowflakes, no two Sleeves are just alike. Each one of our unique products comes with a permanent logo of your choice and a Oowee product tag that list our web site URL and what type of sleeve you have ordered.

Autism Society of NC
Autism Society of North Carolina, In Asheville

We are very proud of our crew at the Autism Society of North Carolina, These individuals do an amazing job and we are lucky to have them as part of our team. Each order of  Sleeves are hand stitched and assembled by individuals on the autism spectrum through Blue Ridge Bags and More, a business operated by the Autism Society of North Carolina. For more information please visit our Autism Society section on our web-site or the Autism Society web-page:        http://www.autismsociety-nc.org/