Mommy Dearest

April showers have been pouring down, to bring us some beautiful May flowers. Let the flowers last and give mom something different this year!

This year get your mom a leather Mother’s Day gift that will last a life time. Our leather sleeves make excellent Mother’s Daygifts for hard working moms that go the extra mile. We can add your custom images, names or text branded or etched directly into our custom leather koozies. Our custom leather koozies or hungers or cozy have branded images that will NEVER wash off or fade away. Oowee Products are all natural and responsibly manufactured in the USA. Unlike other foam beverage insulators, leather will eventually break down and biodegrade. We are proud to manufacture natural hand crafted products that will not end up in the bottom of the ocean.

  • Hand crafted in Asheville, NC
  • 100% Cow-hide leather, sourced from within the USA
  • Oowee proudly employs adults on the Autism spectrum to hand stitch our products.


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