leather sleeve with s-biner

Mason Jar Sleeves

mason jar sleevesBroadening the Vessel!

We are excited to be finalizing some of our newest products! Oowee has been working on the mason jar concept for a while and it’s finally coming into fruition! So far, we have created 3 different types. We have sleeves in 2 styles for 16 oz. and 1 style that holds 750 mL. We hope that these jars will broaden the options for our craft beverage lovers.

Also, we have added handles and s-biners to some of our newer products. We are always trying to add new features that will make your drinking experience better. Feel free to give us suggestions if you have an idea that would make your leather sleeve better!

Highland leather sleeve


Currently, Highland Brewery has our awesome new product of the CUPandleather sleeve with an s-biner. Check it out!

leather sleeve with s-biner