Oowee Koozie name change to Oowee Products

Oowee Koozie would like to introduce you to our enhanced identity:




Oowee Products

Oowee was founded in 2009 on the simple concept of bringing class, style, and function to the age old tradition of having a cool refreshing pint to round outyour day. The leather pint sleeve, most commonly known as a pint glass koozie, was born from the love of hand crafted beer and Oowee’s creative ability to transform leather into a something we can use daily.

By 2010 things were taking off and the business was growing fast. The year 2011 was a great year for the company. We expanded our market and partnered with the Autism Society of North Carolina. This partnership was a real turning point for Oowee Products, it allowed us to employ adults on the autism spectrum to hand sew each of our koozies, otherwise known leather pint sleeves.

In 2012, this newly formed partnership with the Autism Society of NC allowed us to have the work force that we needed to expand. The koozie production was in full swing! Oowee has been using the term “koozie” to describe our leather beverage insulators for a long time and most of you know us as Oowee Koozie. The word koozie is just a descriptive term used to describe what type of products we make. We are growing and expanding, making new products and are having a great time evolving into much more than just a koozie company.

Recently, we have been made aware of some controversy over the ownership and use of the word koozie. Oowee has official dropped this word ”koozie” due to the controversy and our product expansion. We will, from now on, be called Oowee Products. We are the same great company with the same great ”Leather Beverage Insulators”, only now we have few more products. We appreciate your continued support, please check out some of our new stuff at Ooweeproducts.com.

For those of you that would like to learn a bit more about the term koozie and some of its history, please check out the following. This is just some of the key information out in there about the topic.