Custom Stamped Leather Coasters

Consider the coaster. Like a great friend, it just sits there listening, patiently absorbing. Thirsty leather—strong, dependable, forever. Oowee all-leather stamped coasters are like that. Square, circular, hexagon—friends come in many shapes. With a pre-designed logo or customized, they say so much about you…without saying anything at all.

Round / Circle Coasters

Now you can watch the game with your friends and keep your beers off the coffee table.  Choose between sets of 6 or 4 coasters in a matching leather holder with a hand­stitched seam.

Square Coasters

Set your leather clad pint glasses down on our classy coasters made from quality leather and protect your surfaces in style.

Hex Coaster Set

Four hex shaped coasters held together with a matching strap with solid brass buckle.