Beautiful New Mexico

On our way through the hills of New Mexico, we’ve enjoyed taking the back roads through tiny towns and gorgeous landscapes. From below the earth in Carlsbad Caverns to above the sands of White Sands National Monument, we got a full experience of what NM has to offer. The elevator operator who took us down into the caverns suggested we go to Artesia, NM and visit a small start up brewery called The Wellhead. It was great to meet the young guys that were so passionate about their beer.


In Santa Fe, Oowee Koozie visited Bryan at Santa Fe Brewing Company, New Mexico’s oldest craft brewery. The brewhouse has finally found it’s permanent home also on the Turquoise Trail,with the help of a brilliant, yet crazy Hungarian named Alfonz Vizsolay, the new 30 bbl brewery and bottling line is complete! With the ability to brew ten times the beer, Santa Fe Brewing has gone abroad (well, to a few other states at least) into Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas. Because we look at this kind of stuff…I just have to say it…I am jealous of the New Mexico state flag. I mean, I love North Carolina, but our state flag is boring, and no one is ever going to be able to market it as a product. Lucky Santa Fe Brewing gets to have a cool logo and show pride in their state. But I digress, we took a couple of 6 packs for the road (one Red Ale and one Blond Ale-both delish.)

We aren’t just hitting up the major breweries on our road trip, I mean, it is a road trip, and that means adventure. So when we were en route to Taos from Santa Fe (in the middle of BFE), and saw a sign that said “Brewery Ahead” we had to stop at Blue Heron Brewing Company, in Rinconada, NM, just for fun. We got the most beautifully presented flight of beer on our trip yet, a most welcomed glass of WINE from the local winery La Chiripada, and a local band lulling us into a Taos state of mind along the Rio Grande.


Just outside of Taos, is the Taos Mesa Brewing Company, which is not even open yet, but we got a sneak peek before they are open to the public! We only met a part of the founding crew, Peter-the sustainable builder, Alissa, and Jayson-the brewer. First, I just have to say that every time you look around, you see that thought and attention was given to every inch of the facility. They have re-purposed tons of materials to make this brewery a stunning destination and worth the drive out. (Conveniently, it is just before the popular Rio Grand Gorge.)