Custom Stamped Leather Coasters

Gift Sets of Square or Circle Stamped Leather Coasters

Consider the coaster. Like a great friend, it just sits there listening, patiently absorbing. Thirsty leather—strong, dependable, forever. Oowee all-leather stamped coasters are like that. Square, circular, hexagon—friends come in many shapes. With a pre-designed logo or customized, they say so much about you…without saying anything at all.

Perfectly Practical Gift Sets

Each set of four makes a great gift. And when grandma’s antique rosewood table is at stake, they’re not only practical, they’re practically priceless.

Customize it!

With Oowee’s online customizer, you select the shape, design and wording to create a one-of-a-kind gift, for you or someone you love (or least someone you like that has a table you love).

Save that table! Your mom will be proud.