Craft Beers


Craft Beers

Oyster House’s Super Moon Imperial Oyster Stout
Photo by Travis Nevill

I’m sure y’all know about RateBeer. But just in case you don’t, it’s anoffline group of beer enthusiasts who care about what’s important in life, good beer. RateBeer has got local groups that you can get involved with. They check out the local breweries and have awesome beer loving events all year round. This is not just about drinking, although there is plenty of that, It’s about knowing about the beer. Do you love to talk about how beer is made and what qualities you taste in your delicious craft beverage? Do you wonder about the type of fermenting yeast associated with alcohol strength? What about malt and barley? Do you think about abeer made with malt extract as opposed to one made from barley malt or from a combination of malt extract and barley malt.

Does the flavor burst in your mouth right away or does it linger when you swallow it?Do you enjoy hints of chocolate, fruit, honey or would you rather have a a lot of hops. If you like to talk about these things with other beer lovers you would enjoy RateBeer.

RateBeer groups will encourage you togo to bars you’ve maybe have never been to,participatein awesome beer and food pairing,and ingeneral have a blast. RateBeer will be in Asheville rating our awesome local stops February 6-9. Join up with them by registering for the event and you will get a complimentary Oowee Products/RateBeer leather pint sleeve!