Stroke Awareness

Help Us Support & Bring Awareness!

Are you aware that strokes can happen to anyone, at any age? In fact, globally about one in four adults over the age of 25 will have a stroke in their lifetime. This hits home here at Oowee Products. Back in December, Rose, who is a long-term employee with us, while on her way to work she suffered from a stroke. She had just celebrated her 39th birthday days before. Since then, she has shown her true warrior spirit overcoming the many obstacles that come with the aftermath of suffering a stroke. In honor of Rose and those who also have her warrior survivor spirit, we wish to create a product line to support her and those that are also recovering. Join us and help bring awareness and education. Our power is knowledge and how we apply that knowledge starting today to identify symptoms and causes of strokes. Click below to find out the warning signs and how else you can help.

For a limited time all proceeds from these products will be donated to help Rose Hecht through her recovery.