Oowee’s Design Pint Sleeve

Pour your favorite brew into this unquestionably hand crafted Oowee’s Design Pint Sleeve. Significantly, the design of this sleeve allows it to fit around any standard 16 oz pint glass. In fact, we make this sleeve with two pieces of leather featuring hand stitching on both sides for a snug fit around your favorite drink. Additionally, you may customize this sleeve with one of our designs to make it even more unique. Removing these sleeves makes it especially easy to wash your pints. Also, the Oowee’s Design Leather Sleeve comes as a complete box set with a 16 ounce pint glass and our own Oowee packaging. Without a doubt, this is rather perfect for gift giving to your favorite home brewer (hint, hint), grab one of our Highball Sleeve sets and our Leather Coasters Sets to complete your home bar. At last, the perfect gift!

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What your Pint will be wrapped in: 
*Patented (#US9044113B2) Leather Pint Sleeve 
*100% Full Grain Leather for a long-lasting product 
*Hand-stitched stitching around each pint sleeve
*Debossed Design; leaving a lifelong impression 
*Dimensions: 7″ x 4″ x 4″ – 1.4 oz

 Oowee's Design Pint SleeveThis product is proudly handstitched by adults from the Autism Society of North Carolina. Click below to read more about our employee program.

Oowee's Design Pint Sleeve