Oowee’s Design Highball Sleeve

Step up your cocktail game with these stylish Oowee’s Design Highball Sleeve. Choose from one of our designs and really add some flair. We pair these Leather Highball Sleeves featuring genuine leather wraps with two Libbey 139 Heavy Base 13 oz. English Highball Glasses. Make sure you grab a set of Oowee Leather Coasters to set your new fancy Personalized Glass on.

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What’s wrapped around your cocktail?
*100 full-grain leather
*Hand-stitched leather sides
*Debossed design for a lifetime impression
*Comes as a box set of 2

Oowee's Design Highball SleeveSome of our products are handstitched by adults from the Autism Society of North Carolina. Click below to read more about our employee program.

Handmade in the USA in Asheville, North Carolina