Bottle / Can Types


Stubby Bottles



Our can sleeves are made to fit 12 oz-16 oz cans and stubby bottles.

Shorter than the typical beer bottle and with virtually no neck, the stubby takes up less room in packaging, making for compact storage and delivery. It is sturdier than the average beer bottle, comes with thicker glass, and is typically tinted brown or green. Stubby beer bottles are prevalent in Europe and used to be popular in Canada from the 1960s to the mid 1980s, according to a History of the Stubby. The stubby bottle enjoys a nostalgic reputation in Canada and has even become a collectors item. Very few American beers are bottled in the stubby.

Long Neck Bottles




Our Bottle on sleeves fit long neck bottles only, these sleeves will not fit on a can or stubby bottle. 

Long neck beer bottles are the most prevalent type used in America. Tall and slim with a long neck, these bottles are known as the ISB, or Industry Standard Bottle, according to the Beer Club. Sizes of long neck bottles are generally uniform, and they can be recycled and reused many times. Long neck beer bottles come in clear glass and tinted, but they are more highly represented by clear glass than other types of bottles. The long neck is easy to hold, and holding the neck rather than the body keeps the beer colder for longer periods of time.




Our can sleeves are made to fit 12 oz-16 oz cans and stubby bottles.