Rocks & Cocktail Glasses

Custom Leather Sleeves for Your Drink

You can tell a lot about a person by their preferred drink. With our customized leather glass sleeves , you can tell even more. The supple full-grain leather and hand stitching says they enjoy the finer things. When it’s personalized with a monogram, name or custom design, you know exactly where they stand. We offer these stylish highball or rocks glasses in box sets of two making them  great gifts.

Rocks Glass Set

Nobody should drink alone, so why not make yours’ a double. Two custom-branded leather glass wraps and two 9-oz rocks glasses, packaged securely in a ready-to-wrap gift box. All that’s missing is a bottle of the good stuff and someone to share it with. We’ll leave that to you.

Highball Glass Leather Sleeves

As pairings go, it doesn’t get any better. Your favorite cocktail served up in a classic tapered 13-oz highball glass, wrapped in a no-slip, full-grain leather sleeve customized for you. Two-piece sleeves are hand-stitched with your personalized design and/or text on both sides, while single-piece sleeves are stitched up the back with your design on the front.


Take your drink up a notch…