Leather Mason Jar Holder

Mason Jar Sleeves

Ah, the simple mason jar—it’s not just for Grandma’s jams and pickles anymore. From hot coffee to iced tea, it’s quickly becoming the glass of choice. Oowee gives you more ways to use it. Our customizable leather mason jar sleeves keep your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold—no sweat, no slip. Plus, the leather handle turns a jar of Grandma’s fig preserves or pickles into a one-of-kind reusable gift.  What a great Bridesmaid Gift!

Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sleeves

Here in Appalachia where nothing is wasted, the simple wide-mouth mason jar is indispensable. Our customizable leather sleeves marry that functionality with form. Made of full-grain leather, they fit any 16- or 22-oz wide-mouth mason jars. Use our on-line customizer to transform pantry staples like flour, sugar and pasta into countertop presentables. Or fill a 22-oz sleeve-wrapped jar from your growler, grab the handle and you’re good to go. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Regular Mason Jar Sleeves

Oowee offers a huge selection of individually-styled leather mason jar holders for a standard Ball or Kerr pint jar. What’s in the jar is entirely up to you. The ⅛” full-grain leather is nature’s perfect insulator. So our leather Mason jar sleeves are perfect for enjoying hot or cold beverages. The integrated leather handle and coaster turns any pint jar into a mug that won’t leave rings. Use our customizer to create a unique and personalized gift.

Keep your mason jar extra cozy…