Leather Coffee Holder Sleeve

For Coffee Mugs, Tumblers, or Multi-Use Cups

Coffee is the ultimate go-juice. Whether frothed, black or iced, temperature is everything. Our full-grain all-leather coffee sleeve keeps your java just how you like it without slowing you down. Leather is a natural insulator, so hot stays hot and cold stays cold. These 100% American-made sleeves fit most coffee cups (16-20 oz.) with a no-slip grip. Rugged hand stitching on both sides also makes it collapsible and pocket-ready. So whether it’s for you or the java-junkie in your life, order up a set of sleeves and get it to go.

Great Gift for Coffee Lovers

Coffee drinkers are almost always on the go. Whether you hit the coffee shop every morning or brew your own, these all-purpose sleeves are your go-to for any occasion.

Our Most Versitile Sleeve!

Our coffee sleeves are made to fit a variety of conical tapered paper, ceramic, glass and steel cups.

Our Favorite Coffee Sleeves

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